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A Perfect Grandmillennial Dinner Plate

Apparently us millennials have leaned into granny chic style. Florals, wallpaper, ruffles, lace, patterns, etc. I'm here to extend this style to the dinner plate. More specifically, the everlasting goddess that is the Corelle brand plate. I don't pretend to know what kind of sorcery goes into making this indestructible* Vitrelle tempered glass plate, but I know that I've been eating off of the same set at my parents house for 35 years and they are in MINT condition. To be fair they are probably even older than that. You know the ones, with the 1970's era "butterfly gold" pattern stamped around the rims. Or just a thin blue line. These things are crack and chip resistant, microwavable, dishwasher safe. Why would anyone ever use a different kind of plate? No one knows.

I did buy myself a set of ceramic dinnerware early on in my adult life. When my husband immediately chipped all of them with his bull-in-a-china-shop handling techniques, I wisely chose Corelle. Sure, the pattern I bought at the time (gray concentric circles) was nothing to write home about but they did the job.

Fast forward to last Christmas, I was remodeling my kitchen and going with an open shelf concept in lieu of upper cabinets. I had bulky, mismatched, and chipped ceramic dinnerware and one 4-pack of Corelle plates. Aesthetic and space-saving solution? Buy. More. Corelles. They are so thin they literally take up no space at all. Luckily for me, the Corelle designs had improved over the years. I was able to find a pattern that not only gave me granny chic grand millennial vibes, but also felt like home to me because it resembled the blue tiles popular in family's homeland of Portugal.

I even prepared Portuguese style steak, pepper, and egg to complete the look. Although I admit, the meal loses it's authenticity with the vegetables. Should have gone with the double carbohydrate pairing of rice and fries for the full experience.

The patterns linked below are Lisbon Terrace and Portofino.

*You should know that while these plates are badass and resilient as hell, my mom did recently break her first one after 30-40 years. One of her original 1970s era butterfly gold plates smashed into a million pieces after it slipped from her wet hands and hit the tile floor at just the right speed and angle. So, they CAN break but they rarely do. And I will stock my floating shelves with nothing but these until the end of time.

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