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Classic Portuguese Songs that Bring Instant Nostalgia

And a few that bring horror when you learn what the lyrics mean.

Music has a way of tying itself to memories. Hearing a song can instantly transport you to specific places. For me, these songs transport me to childhood memories of dinner and dancing every Saturday night at the local Portuguese restaurants in my hometown.

Bate O Pé Pretty sure these are the only words in the whole song. At least the only ones I know and belt out. Just tap your foot. Over and over again. Just tap that foot.

Dá Cá, Dá Cá, Dá Cá It seems problematic that this guy wants a kiss but won't take no for an answer. She doesn't want to "give it", damnit. It doesn't matter that you say it's just a non-naughty one on the corner of the mouth.

A Garagem Da Vizinha I put the car in, I take the car out. What a tight garage. It's used but nobody uses it since her husband left. I'm getting the sense that he isn't singing about an actual garage but it didn't stop this from being an absolute bop that I would dance to as a kid.

O Bicho Growing up I always pictured this song being about a spider and I am going to leave it that way. Please don't tell me otherwise. I don't know how I first learned the dance moves to this song but I have never forgotten them. In fact, we had an entire bachelorette party doing the moves in a party bus to the vineyard last year.

É Uma Casa Portuguesa A green broth smoking in the tejela. Caldo Verde is my absolute favorite soup. It's a Portuguese house for sure.

Apita O Comboio Am I the only one that was singing Apita O Combo as "Happy Tacomboio" my whole life? Even though Tacomboio wasn't a word. Although I propose it to mean Taco Train. You would think that at some point I would have realized what they were saying since the phrase is repeated no less than 50 times and starts every single line of this song.

As Beatas Is this song about "fake butts?" Fake people I guess? That show up to church but sleep during devotion. Lot's of talk of the bazaar. He must like unrolling the papéis at the festa.


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