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Episode 049: Electricity, Blue's Clues, and The Wellness Spectrum

First from our social media roundup [01:36] we have Portuguese beach boys and steak plate ratings spreadsheet. Our culture topic [08:23] is home improvements and our nostalgia topic [19:04] is 90's con. For our mental health segment [37:49] we discuss how opposite ends of the wellness spectrum appear to converge.

Key Moments:

01:36 Social media roundup Portuguese Beach Party song

03:27 Social media roundup Portuguese Steak Plate Ratings

08:23 Culture Mel's dad completes MacGyver-style home improvements

13:26 Culture Kel's dad hires family for home improvements

14:11 Culture Kel's family carbon monoxide leak

16:01 Culture Supervision needed for precise home improvements

18:20 Culture Kel discusses her dad's trades and work experiences

19:04 Nostalgia 90s con overview and 2022 event recap

20:08 Nostalgia Meeting the Lawrence brothers and their Italian heritage and name change

from Mignogna to Lawrence

22:34 Nostalgia Danica McKellar's (Winnie Cooper of the Wonder Years) Portuguese

heritage and Kel's doppelgänger

24:53 Nostalgia Mel reveals she also has a surprising doppelgänger from The Wonder Years

27:12 Nostalgia Saved By The Bell Cast (Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosselaar) immigrant

families and heritage

28:27 Nostalgia Meeting Scott Weinger from Full House and Aladdin

29:54 Nostalgia Chugging an Orange Soda with Kel Mitchell from All That, Good Burger,

and Kenan & Kel

31:26 Nostalgia 90s con 2022 attendee recap and the sitcom celebrity with the longest meet

& greet line

33:51 Nostalgia We recap the tearjerking message from Steve Burns from Blue's Clues

37:49 Mental Health Kel uses a 48 hour total reset as a stress coping strategy

39:51 Mental Health Mel discusses how opposite ends of the wellness spectrum appear to


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