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Episode 050: Spanglish, Saved by the Bell, and Unmasking

First from our social media roundup [01:57] we have Strega Nona, Furnas, São Miguel, and a traumatizing earthquake museum. Our culture topics [16:00] are Spanglish the movie and Spanglish the linguistics phenomenon and our nostalgia topic [36:12] is 90's con 2023 debrief. For our mental health segment [01:04:22] we discuss the concepts of unmasking and gratitude journaling.

Key Moments:

01:57 Social media roundup Foreign family magic soup secrets à la Strega Nona

08:10 Social media roundup Furnas, São Miguel Monitoring and Research Center

13:51 Social media roundup Lisbon, Portugal earthquake museum

16:00 Culture Spanglish (2004 film) overview and actors Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni, Paz


18:28 Culture Portuguese language sounds (rolled r's, "lho") and missing sounds ("th")

21:03 Culture Téa Leoni plays an infuriating character

23:01 Culture Immigrant moms and their American daughters ("Is that what you want

for yourself, to become someone very different from me?")

26:47 Culture Spanglish (linguistics) overview and word examples with comparison to

Portuguese/English hybrid speech patterns

36:12 Nostalgia [90s con 2023 event recap] Meeting Danica McKellar & Mahaila

McKellar and discussing their Portuguese heritage

43:18 Nostalgia Meeting Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Elizabeth Berkley of

Saved By The Bell (A.C.Slater, Zack Morris, and Jessie Spano) and an overview of

their interview panel

55:28 Nostalgia Overview of the Full House interview panel with Jodie Sweetin, Dave

Coulier, Andrea Barber, and Candace Cameron Bure (Stephanie Tanner, Uncle

Joey, Kimmy Gibbler, and DJ Tanner)

59:21 Nostalgia Meeting Omri Katz of Hocus Pocus (Max)

01:00:46 Nostalgia Why we didn't meet Steve Burns of Blue's Clues

01:02:37 Nostalgia Meeting Kel Mitchell from All That, surprise guest appearance by

Kenan Thompson, and announcement of Good Burger 2

01:04:22 Mental Health Mel discusses the exhausting practice of performative masking vs.


01:07:15 Mental Health Kel invites listeners to join her on a 21-day gratitude journaling

effort beginning April 1

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